Block.one is committed to deploying funds through EOS VC, which focuses on strategic investments that expand the reach of EOSIO blockchain software.

EOS VC provides support through venture capital partnership funds that sustain EOSIO software usage. Investments are made in a concentrated and diversified portfolio of blockchain-focused companies that build on on the EOSIO.

Our Vision

EOS VC envisions partnerships that assemble the most knowledgeable and capable advisors to mentor and provide strategic direction to those who build game-changing blockchain products around the world.

Each EOS VC partnership will create a venture fund, managed by a general partner whose mandate is to:

  • Identify, evaluate, and invest in EOSIO projects.
  • Mentor portfolio companies as they develop on EOSIO. 

*Note: Fund managers use their own selection criteria to decide which projects receive support. 


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Global access to top projects and innovation.
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Education of EOSIO capabilities to early and late stage projects seeking funding.
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Partner VCs will further increase the resources available to EOSIO organizations.